Collection #1 – just the first of massive email/password breaches

By | 20th January 2019

“I have a complex password so there is nothing to fear!” – Not so, if the website you access does not handle passwords with sufficient security so that they can be recovered when the website gets hacked.

The so called Collection #1 contains over 773 million login credentials (usually email addresses and passwords) and yours is likely to be included. You can check this on the security website

To mitigate the risk from these massive breaches, you should:

  1. Not reuse your password across multiple sites/services
  2. Use complex passwords or passphrases
  3. Change your passwords often
  4. Use two factor authentication, if it is available

Please contact Agile Cybersec if you need help with risk management of the credentials used by your business or with managing your customers/contacts access credentials to the sites/services you are running.

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