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Breach may cost EasyJet £18billion

By | 28th May 2020

Earlier this month, EasyJet reported a major security breach of their systems where the names, email addresses and travel details of approximately 9 million customers were accessed. More than 2,000 customers’ credit card details were also compromised. The breach was reported to the National Cyber Security Centre and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). A law… Read More »

COVID-19 related scams are becoming rife

By | 14th April 2020

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups and cyber criminals are looking to exploit the circumstances around the COVID-19 crisis. In particular, there has been a significant rise of scams pretending to be legitimate requests from official HM Government departments, targetting individuals and businesses. The aim is usually to obtain sensitive exploitable information such as logins, bank… Read More »

Insider threat – are you taking it seriously?

By | 18th November 2017

Smaller organisations are often more vulnerable to the insider threat compared to larger ones. Inadequate or absent policies for protecting sensitive data and infrastructure, blurred lines of responsibility for information security and informal attitude to dealing with credentials such as administrative logins are some of the most common causes. The damage that can be caused… Read More »

Workforce cyber-awareness training mostly ineffective

By | 18th November 2016

In a US study by Experian and Ponemon Institute earlier this year, 55% of the polled companies experienced a security incident due to a malicious or negligent employee despite already having a a data protection and privacy training program in place. 60% of respondents believed that their employees were not knowledgeable or had no knowledge… Read More »