Secure Code

Secure Code imageAgile Cybersec specialise in all aspects of security of software projects, from the overall design through the frameworks and services and how they are used, all the way to the individual lines of code.

Agile approaches the cyber security of any software project on an individual basis, since each project is unique in its combination of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, APIs, services, UI and other resources. Each one of these introduces a set of potential vulnerabilities, as well as how they are integrated and interlinked.

Ideally, security should be incorporated in any new project from the outset – see Secure Design Principles by NCSC.

If your organisation is embarking on a new software project or requires to improve or verify the security of an existing project, Agile can provide services tailored to your specific requirements.

We particularly welcome startups and SMEs that may not have sufficient cyber resources on board to ensure that their software is secure.

Please contact Agile to discuss your requirements in confidence and at no obligation.