Cyber Security Research

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We are currently looking to recruit small and medium businesses (SMEs) throughout the UK to participate in research into human factors aspects of SMEs’ cyber security. Andrej is a part-time master degree student at the Bournemouth University logoBournemouth University and the research is the subject of his MSc thesis.

People are recognised as the potential weakest point within an organisation’s cyber defences – increasingly targeted by attacks such as phishing and ransomware. Even the best technical defences are not 100% effective, especially when deliberately bypassed or neglected by employees. The objective of the research is to learn more about how human perception affects the security of their organisation.

To participate in the research you (and your staff) will need to complete an online questionnaire, with your responses kept confidential and anonymous. The research is conducted under Bournemouth University’s code of ethics and, if necessary, a formal confidentiality agreement can negotiated.

As a “thank you” for taking part, you will receive cyber security awareness materials that you can freely disseminate within your organisation to improve your staff’s ability to detect, avoid and report cyber attacks or accidental breaches.

If you’d like your organisation to participate, please use our contact form to get in touch (but do not include any confidential information since the form content is sent by plain email) and Andrej will get back to you to make the necessary arrangements and answer any queries that you may have.